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qLeo - a is fast and simple QT gui for online translation

What is qleo? 

qLeo is a fast and simple QT gui for de-en translation using the "" dictionary.
Its faster than using the webbrowser and has a few nice features like grabbing the clipboard for translation.



qLeo ist now ported to QT4.2 - it has systray functionality, stores application settings and is easy portable to Win32. You could download the actual state and take a look, but be aware that you need a full installation of QT4.2 for this!


  • searches faster than a webbrowser
  • grabbs the clipboard for translating






Download qLeo-2.1 Sourcecode 




  • Maybe adding a KDE-branch
  • support offline dictionarys
    •  auto-get these dict-files 
  • build more Linux packages